Easy Like Sunday Morning

by Reedz on September 2, 2013

Sunday ride with the Bandits

There’s something about human nature that we all can’t run away from. We are all social animals. Even the most introverted loners among us will crave company at some point in time. The last few weeks, I had been going on solo rides not because I was being anti-social (although I love the solitude of riding alone with Armin trancing away on the bluetooth headset) but more to get myself acquainted with Abigail (eseh benama sudah Silverwing ku heheh).

Last weekend however, I was invited for a Sunday morning ride with the bandits, a motley crew of weekend riders like myself, minus some jetlagged members and one who was trying his luck at winning an Audi (however far fetched a fantasy that was) in a golf tournament.

We met up at Ricebowl at Victory HQ in Batu Bersurat for some breakfast after which we were all Tutong-bound via the old road. Some went faster and some went slower but generally the group stayed together and re-assembled at Pantai Seri Kenangan. It was a shame that the restaurant facing the main road had shut down. I had many fond memories of hanging out there till the wee hours of the morning just talking crap with buddies during my honorary Tutongian phase 🙂

After chilling out for a bit, it was time to head back to BSB. Time certainly flew with the clock showing half eleven. We were supposed to visit the RB Travel Fair at Bridex but cancelled due to time constraints. A morning feels like too brief a time especially for a ride among friends.

Am already eyeing that Sandakan trip proposed by one of the members… Now THAT would be a ride!

Sunday ride with the Bandits

Somebody just eat apple wor…

Sunday ride with the Bandits

Roadside break at PSK

Sunday ride with the Bandits

Biker chicks

Sunday ride with the Bandits

Honda CB-400. I rode a CB-750 Nighthawk once.

Sunday ride with the Bandits

Yamaha FZ6. A bad-ass biker chick rides this one.

Sunday ride with the Bandits

The Guvnor’s Ducati Diavel is Mischief on Two Wheels indeed!

Sunday ride with the Bandits


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