English Country Lemon Curd… mmmm

Lemon curd is so delicious, right, so luscious, and so versatile that I’m sure it’s wot all good lemons aspire ter be wen they grow up.

We can thank the bloody English for this bright yellow curd wiv its tart, vibrant flavor, as well as for the wonderful notion of spreadin’ it on scones ‘ot out of the bleedin’ oven.

Made by gently cookin’ a mixture of fresh lemon juice, sugar, butter, and eggs until fickened, lemon curd is also divine on buttered toast, right, a simple and perfect way ter appreciate the bloody curd’s cool, sawee texture.

It makes an easy and delicious fillin’ for tarts, cakes, right, and cookies, right? And a dollop of lemon curd tastes delicious wiv a piece of gingerbread or a slice of pound cake; its tart lemon flavor counters the spiciness of the bleedin’ former and the sweet richness of the latter.

Pair it wiv a piece of the bloody ffick Scottish shortbread and yer’ll appreciate ‘ow lemon curd can transform a simple, right, somewot ‘omely cookie into sumfink wonderful.


Author: Reedz