8 thoughts on “The Temptations…

  1. I see. I’m trying to learn more about photography ni, and you take the kind of photos I like, closeups.
    Keep up the fabulous work!

  2. Thanks again Jewelle. Am glad you’re keen on photography as well. Painting with light is wonderful! Hope to see your work as well ya…

  3. the photos u took make me so lapar this early morning..i shud surf again after sungkai to enjoy it..n i will buy that kueh malaya for sungkai..hehehe

  4. Anonymous: Enjoy your kueh malaya! Make sure you buy the one at the stadium. Stall A28 heheh! Macam tau saja!

    Blackcat: Yo bro! Nice blog you started. Keep it up!

  5. Nice pixs. You know what … my daughter alwez takes “kebab” for her “sahur”. Such an odd eating preference.

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