The Wonder Years…

Was reading Pablo’s Travel Stories and memories of my own travels came flooding back… I liked his quote, “The people out there are friends we have not met.” Sometimes our own inhibitions can get in the way of potentially great and long-lasting friendships.

As a student in Perth many years ago, I also made the best of being there by interacting outside of my circle of familiarity. As a result many friendships were forged with people from all cultures and walks of life. Similarly, as a MOFATeer, travelling often meant new acquaintances and friendships.

Through IRC and the internet, even more friendships can be formed across a much wider, global network. These days we have Friendster and Multiply, “social networking” sites, according to its developers, which make it even easier to make friends globally. Its always heart-warming to know that we have a friend in every city across the globe.

A visit to Montreal once was testament to this. I met up with an IRC buddy and from that encounter began a lifelong friendship. She is now a mother to three great kids, and we still chat from time to time and catch up on each others’ lives.

Author: Reedz

6 thoughts on “The Wonder Years…

  1. Selamat Hari Raya to you Dude… Hehehe.. You looked great during the Wonder Years. I’m happy that my stories inspired you to write about those good memories.. I hope others will do the same.. Amazing how many friends we make during our travels if we think about it…
    I do believe you have no problem in making friends from the look of the pics… Mr. Popular!
    Great!! keep the stories coming……

  2. Whoaaa…you look good bro.. those were the days yea.. anyway wishing you and family Selamat Menyambut Aidul Fitri harap maaf zahir & bathin

  3. and remember mate it was thru’ frendster that i realise your whereabouts …. great isn’t it … and those pixs really resemble your old faces that we used to see back then … almost 20 yrs already … gosh are we growing older … he.he..

    well …. selamat hari raya aidilfitri n maaf zahir dan batin …. cheerio

  4. AB, you must have really enjoyed yourself abroad and it looks like you made plenty of friends of all nationalities. Its quite sad to see our students who go over to uk and other countries only to stick with their own kind. Many come back from abroad without having experienced life abroad. You know what I mean?

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