The Sicily-Manila Connection…

Some food for thought from His Majesty’s Hari Raya Speech:

“Therefore, let us find happiness by living a moderate lifestyle. Save money for our family’s future. Our journey, also that of our children’s, is still long. It means that we must plan wisely.

No one knows what is in store in the future. And children are thus our future investment. And thus, let us prioritise their upbringing and education, while also making efforts to avoid possible mistakes.

Today, we may say we feel secure and prosperous. But perhaps tomorrow, we may not be able to say those words, except maybe to laugh or cry along. The nature of the future is that it is full of puzzles.

Therefore, let us not ask what will happen tomorrow, but think and plan for tomorrow.”


Author: Reedz

2 thoughts on “The Sicily-Manila Connection…

  1. His Majesty’s titah is so relevant.I agree. We do need to save for a rainy day. Also need to live within our means.

    pssst.. Are those the food you gonna serve during your open house??

  2. Pablo, I haven’t decided yet on what I’m gonna cook for my open house, but you can be sure it won’t be curry and rendang heheh… Will inform nanti bila open house dude… How about yours?

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