Jerudong Park never looked so good…

This was done by a terribly talented young Bruneian. I absolutely love it for the warm fuzzy feeling I get whenever I watch it. Keep em coming ah borg… or should it be ah kong? Or maybe ah king… hehehe


Author: Reedz

7 thoughts on “Jerudong Park never looked so good…

  1. Nice clip. Yeah makes me wanna hop on the carousel ..aaah to be a kid again..but the place is a ghost town and its a shame. Someone, somebody should do something and bring the excitement back in JP.

  2. WOW. Very NICE! The clip’s artistic.. the focus on the moments.. the angles.. wow.. Well done to BorgKingKong.. hehe

  3. At the risk of sounding sentimental and cheesy, if one were to REALLY look around Brunei, you’ll see beauty everywhere (even the quite polluted waters of Kampung Air). I mean look at Reeda’s pics – gorgeous! We just have to really see…We’ve been so habituated to Jerudong Park we’ve forgotten it’s beauty. It’s still there, we just have to look for it next time we go there. I’ve started to keep my eyes peeled for even mundane things to try to see some beauty in them .. 🙂

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