Masa… ditaja oleh TAG Heuer

Hehehe tekidum ku membaca this post on BR about how marriage changes over time…

This is what is called “reality humour”…Da missus and I have just done lap number 10 this year and I must say, some of the things in the post do ring true… esp the balas sms bit heheh! But being rude to your spouse is definitely not cool man… apa lagi kalau sampai tangan… atu beyond UN-cool tu yooo…I think the longer we share our lives with our spouses, the more familiar we become with each other, and gestures of love and affection become more intrinsic and intuitive and less cosmetic.

Interesting to read in the comments to BR’s post all the references to iman and how important it is in ensuring a long and happy marriage… I totally agree that iman or faith is one of the critical elements for a long and happy marriage.

However, faith is not only limited to religion, but encompasses other facets of life as well. Faith in each other, faith in ourselves, even faith in the institution of marriage…

I like the way Local Foreigner puts it, “It all comes down to satisfying each other’s emotional bank account.”

I believe many ladies are reading this post, so I’d like to share another interesting post for you ladies to mull over…


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