La casa de Juan Pablo Montoya, Gobernador de Rimba

Sheesha anyone?

Hi Marshmallow boy!

Mama Pablo doing her magic in the kitchen

The food was fantastic!

This series is from an afternoon at an old friend and ex-colleague’s home. The venue was fantastic for shooting both in terms of architecture and the warmth of its inhabitants. Muchas gracias Juan Pablo for letting me have a peek into your home…
  1. Dear Anak Brunei, thank you for the visit to micasa. The pics are great man! and that includes your company too!

  2. Our thanks to you and family for hosting us! Your home is a great venue for a photo shoot and the pictures would not look out of place in Home Decor or Impiana! The food was delicious esp those vietnamese rolls heheh! Thank you very much also for the lovely lamp. It has taken its place in our living room =)

  3. anonymous: no problem, anytime heheh.. suruh daddy balikan uncle lens baru sama speedlight supaya gambarnya lagi memacik! heheh!