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Arif (Arabic: ????) is a popular and common given name in various Muslim countries of Asia, such as Turkey, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Malaysia. It means ‘smart’, ‘knowledgeable’ or ‘wise’ (Literally, “one who knows”) in Arabic.

The Arabic word ‘arif has also been borrowed into the “street language” (vernacular) of Amharic and other Ethiopian languages, but with a change of meaning: it is used as a slang term corresponding to English “cool”, “neat-o”, etc.

Author: Reedz

4 thoughts on “The Knowledgeable One…

  1. Did you take this using the black & white settings or convert it from some photo program. Very nice. Can even see the skin texture.

  2. Hi Jewelle, it was taken in colour and then converted in Photoshop CS. As I recall it, remove color, adjust levels, and sharpen.

  3. I think sama saja, only less work on Photoshop la heheh.. anyway, if take in colour at least u have both colour and B&W to choose from. Kalau B&W on camera, u don’t get that choice 🙂 Kiasu bah heheheh

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