This photo was taken during a trip to KK a few years ago. It was a very significant trip because that was the first time just me and the girls went on vacation together… The missus stayed home nursing little Nina who had just been born at the time… While I checked in, I told the girls to wait at the lobby area. I saw them sitting together like this, and zoomed in for a shot.

I’ve submitted this photo to JPG Magazine to appear in their next issue. If you think it should be in the mag, click here. Incidentally, voting closes in THREE days! (Hint hint!)

Please and thank you 🙂


Author: Reedz

5 thoughts on “Intimate…

  1. Cute. And what obedient girls. I wonder if mine would be like that when they are at the same age are your girls in the pic.

  2. I thought the carpet = water, haha. I glance thru and thought they are seatin near the pool, lol. The pink thing look like a towel lagi. =D Am plannin my trip to KK(with friends! Not parents!), want to go to those pulau-pulau~ Wonder if you go those pulau? like paradise man, crystal bue water + white sand(not silicon) + tropical fish… *drooling~*

  3. Nice pic. That in Sutera right? Im planning to bring my kids to Pacific Sutera this december. Lazing around just doin nuthin. And Golf. WIll bring my maid alog so she can look after the kids.

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