Rajoo & the Jing Chew Crew…

Friday mornings are normally reserved for teh-c peng and roti panas-panas or roti kuning kawin bakar (oh and zeema kway teow! Tks for the reminder AneeSa heheh) at Jing Chew, an institution for breakfast among Bandarians… Hi Allen, long time no see buddy! 🙂

Author: Reedz

7 thoughts on “Rajoo & the Jing Chew Crew…

  1. everytime i go to this blog ah food food again huhu.. jing chew again… drooling for keow teow zeema now.. 😛

    i love the pics u took.. its really.. ermph (wordless) 😡

  2. Hello – thank you for leaving the comment on my site and yes, please, thank you, I would love some help on setting up a site meter. I set one up some time back but where has it gone??? Thanks again – how shall we do it?

  3. hi yeeman, I suspect you’ve changed templates since you installed your site meter which means all customizations to the template would’ve disappeared

    Just email me your entire template as a text file, and I’ll take a look at it to confirm 🙂

    My email add: anakberunai.at.gmail.com

  4. Aiyaaa chief…how come you didn’t remind me of Jing Chew when I was home last month?! Never tried zeema kway teow..

  5. Sia-sia pun~~ Jing Chew. I had breakfast there wth Dad and lil sister in October before I came back for summer course in Oz..tsk..tsk..I love whatever roti they have… Kalau pagi-pagi tah…baru ia fresh…mmm..yumm! Anu bah, as I was saying…siaaaa-sia pun~~

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