4 thoughts on “A cloudy afternoon in Bandar Seri Begawan….

  1. hi Mr Anak Brunei, was just wondering, who are the people in your last picture, are they students from awang semaun? If they are would it be possible if i could get a copy? thanks

  2. Hello anonymous. I’m not sure where they’re from but it looked like they had just returned from the national scouts camp. If you would like a print, pls email me directly. Click on the email logo on the right hand side. Thank you 🙂

  3. awesome pics, I couldnt get my camera focused for that jumping shot. I have my version of that tunnel shot. I will process and post the outing pics once I installed a new hard disk to my laptop.

    Anonymous: I think they are scouts from Awang Semaun school because they were waiting at the tambing.

  4. I also have some shots of them. Please e-mail me if you require copy. I will post their picture tomorrow 🙂

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