Tasek Lama – Nature’s Photo Studio

My brief for this series of shots, “We need some portraits of the kids to put on their grandparents’ mantle, but not studio shots lah.” I had taken some wonderful shots of the waterfall at tasek lama a few days ago so I thought why not try to do a portrait shoot there. The client was very happy with the results, therefore so am I 🙂

Author: Reedz

2 thoughts on “Tasek Lama – Nature’s Photo Studio

  1. Your Tasek Lama photos inspired me to drag the hubby there so that 1) my daughter would get to see a waterfall for the first time and 2) we needed new photos of her. I was impressed with Tasek Lama. Its hard to find a clean park here in Brunei…and so MANY people exercising..issh..so rajin..not my cup of tea..anyways the pictures turned out really great..and thanks to the heavy rain we’ve had recently, the waterfall was flowing heavily and was beautiful.

  2. Hi Nings! Glad you enjoyed Tasek Lama and I’m sure the pics were awesome judging by the equipment hubby has! Heheheh!

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