Kedai Runcit…

Revisited Pasar Gadong this morning with Bruneian and Zadm. The last time, I did not explore the upper level of the market, so this time round, I made sure we did not miss it. The upper floor is the dry market, which is made up of vegetables and fruits stalls and little sundry shops like the one you see above.

From speaking to the tenants, it seems business is not so good these days as people normally frequent the wet market downstairs and seldom venture to the upper floor. I must admit, I have not visited the dry market for quite some time either, preferring to get my veggies from the supermarkets instead.

Will try to make it point to go up there more often… If you’re at the wet market buying your fish and meat, why not venture upstairs as well?

Note: Read also Bruneian’s lovely commentary on our outing.

Author: Reedz

5 thoughts on “Kedai Runcit…

  1. Excellent photo, nice expressions on the 2 guys and also look at the arrangement of barang jualan atu, so eye catching.

  2. Tks guys! My objective here was to give the photo a “painted” look and bring out all the wonderful colours of the subject.

    If you read the literature on HDR, there are purists who argue that this is not photography, and I do agree, but at the same time, I think if the technology is there to create a wonderful piece of art like this from a photograph, why not use it?

    I’ve never been one to shy away from tech heheh! More eye-candy cometh thy way! Stay tuned!

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