Client Happy, Me Happier…

I just delivered these calendars to a client this evening. She was absolutely chuffed by them and that put me over the moon! Heheh! *Whistles happily*

Author: Reedz

2 thoughts on “Client Happy, Me Happier…

  1. I’m still wondering what happen to my orders?

    U suppose you can bring some to Pablo’s this saturday?

  2. Woops I think your order may have got mixed in with the last batch I sent to BIT Computer! Thousand apologies Z! I will surely bring some tomorrow!

    Btw, the ones you see above are custom-made one off designs I did exclusively for a client to send to her friends abroad 🙂 I thought it was a smashing gift idea!

    It incorporates 12 of my works selected by the client and I put little snippets of information about Brunei below the picture sorta like a mini coffee table book heheh…

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