Quick and Dirty Roast Lamb…

The last time I posted a recipe was over six months ago. Thought I’d do one today for a change 🙂

  • Start with a nice cut: I always go for the shoulder cut these days cos I find it way tastier and easier to carve. Plus its slightly cheaper than lamb leg which is overrated if u ask me 🙂
  • Use simple ingredients: Lamb is such a flavorful meat u dont really need to use fancy marinades and spices etc. Best fren nya sira, black pepper, garlic, rosemary, and thyme. Thats it. Oh, and olive oil of course to bring it all together!
  • Do a Norman Bates: Stab the hunk of meat all over with a good size knife
  • Stick it in… all the way in: Just sumbat the holes we just made with the garlic.. skin on and everything… it’ll taste fricken beautiful later trust me!
  • Season well: Do the Saxa Salt Cha cha, the Black Peppa Rhumba, then sprinkle dem erbs, and top it off wit some olive oil to bring all together
  • Make the bed: Since this is a roast, we need to make sure the hot air circulates around the lamb. Mun inda we will have half roast half boiled lamb. I know I should probably use a rack, but using the potatoes and carrots makes for a way tastier gravy later… mmmm
  • Bring on the heat: Chuck the lamb in the pre-heated oven at about 170 degrees Celsius for about 3 hours
  • Bob’s yer uncle: There ya have it… a beautiful succulent lamb roast with a beautiful gravy! This goes really well with either pita bread or steamed white rice and a glass of the good stuff… Try it yerself!

Author: Reedz

7 thoughts on “Quick and Dirty Roast Lamb…

  1. woooo. I love this post. Thanks for the tips..Will definitely try it soon.. I hope u still not thinking about the lamb chops at our picnic last week..hahaa

  2. my glands have activated and i shamelessly admit saliva is dripping on my keyboard.

    Bah you’re hosting the next cooking demo.

  3. jpf: heheh I’m ALWAYS thinking about lamb chops!! sorry I missed the demo at su casa. Was completely drained from the Kg Ayer outing!

    affy: Yeah, it IS as incredibly simple as it looks! Try it!

    vixennova: next demo? sure I’ll host it! Question is when? Heheh!

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