Street Photography Brunei

There is nothing more fulfilling than going out on the streets and
capturing normal ordinary folks doing normal everyday stuff…
To me, that’s what street photography’s all about…

Author: Reedz

8 thoughts on “Street Photography Brunei

  1. Anakbrunei, ada my face jua in the video rupanya. By coincident I was thinking of doing a slide show of places in Seria/KB but cannot think of what software to use and how to do it.

  2. bro husini: I was searching high and low for a suitable software to do this as well. In the end, it was in front of me all along. The humble windows movie maker which is built-into windows xp SP2 is perfect for a photo slide show! Try it bro 🙂

    da missus: Two words… You’re MY INSPIRATION!

  3. Great stuff bro. My fav’s the moody shot of the 2 Indian men in the coffee shop(?) with their shadows cast on the tiled wall behind them.

  4. Thanks bro for the pointers. I’ve given it my first test and it worked fine. Now I have a project for the weekend, if I can wait that long.

  5. lina: tks sis, glad you like it. I promised to give those guys a copy of their pics and havent delivered! Esok pagi lah heheh

    hussini: sometimes the solution is right under our noses heheh.. look forward to seeing your masterpiece bro!

    zadm: tks bro, I think this is the natural progression when you have too many pics to display on so little screen space… have to think outside the kotak 😉

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