Easy like Sunday morning… Part 2

Today’s weather reminds me of winter in Perth (except for the part where you freeze your nuts off). Gloomy, rainy, and generally sombre. But Kantalensa and I braved it and went to Tasek Lama to capture some extreme rock-climbing action. The great thing about this sort of weather, the light is fantastic. Not too harsh and not too dark.

We met Skipper Zack (first pic) on the way in, and he was kind enough to extend his, and his troop(?)’s hospitality to us. So Kantalensa covered the event from 8 metres above while I was happy to cover it at ground level heheh.

Anyway, this is the first time I’ve seen rock-climbing in real life and I’m awed by the skills of these climbers. Thanks also to Tya (second pic), who was Zadm’s source on the event.
Oh, and there was also a flying fox set-up and in between shooting the rock-climbing, I managed to get a few good shots of the flying fox (fourth pic), so I’m whistling away happily 😉


Kantalensa contemplating the height of his ascent


Tya in action


Casual chit-chat 8 metres above sea-level


Flyiiiiiiing Foxxxx!

Author: Reedz

5 thoughts on “Easy like Sunday morning… Part 2

  1. Bro, ani yang mahal ni, komen da missus ani. Let me share ma missus reaction when she saw me processing the rock climbing images. She asked “Gambar apa nie?” I said “Gambar urang rock climbing tadi”. Before I even finish da sentence, she was already watching da tv. Hahaha, talk about not sharing same hobby.

  2. I agree 100% with your comment pasal mahalnya komen da missus atu bro kantalensa hehe…

    Well kurang ambil tau atu kira ok masih… jangan lens kana masak sup! Hahaha!

    But seriously though, its really a source of inspiration when we get positive feedback, and its even more encouraging when it comes from someone we love.

    Ada keistimewaannya tersendiri bah bro 🙂 Am I right? 😉

  3. the last image is nice! you didn’t go for a rock climbing? well, you should’ve tried it.. it will be worth the experience!

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