7 thoughts on “Going out to sea…

  1. Tks bros, I was using the 18-200 sigma. To get the high contrast, wait for the subject to get right in front of the sun’s reflection… and voila! Magic!

  2. Sumthing about the picture that’s so captivating…. the sunrise n the ppl dari awal pagi sudah keluar mencari rezeki n you manage to capture it.. A very touching pic for me..

  3. fusion: Wow, inspirational words… Thats what was on my mind when I saw these guys. Kesian lagi tu, the perahu looked like it was about to sink and these guys were constantly bailing water out… I kept wondering what would happen if they caught a heavy load of fish…

    fr: glad you liked it 🙂

    souljah: I just tweaked the contrast and saturation slightly 🙂

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