6 thoughts on “Adakah ia sejenis logam?

  1. Techies are interesting subjects, I took pics of airplane yesterday and wanted to snap the details of tayar kapal with all the wires & buttons…but nda sempat coz I hve to look out for DCA guys, kena confiscate krg my cam.. but I will try again

  2. synchroscope do rings the bell … it’s electrical device. To check if two electrical generators when connected in parallel are correctly phased, in order words same frequencies or rather synchronized to make it works. This has some use at the electrical power plant as well. The closest that I can think of …. hehe…

  3. affy: close but no cigar

    vixen: very close… to where I wish I was!

    moglie: you got the gist of it

    bruneian: claim your trophy at MKJB principal office ah 😛

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