9 thoughts on “Me Old Burger Stand…

  1. jewelle: this was many, many moons ago… u were probably a small kid then heheheh!

    jpf: yup he is who you think he is! muda lakat usul kami ah! heheheh!

  2. hahahaaa. I still remember that time.. when he used to share with me, his stories about his business school. He used to come up with items that ppl never tried before.. Like Devilled Eggs and customers used to come and ask him.. apa ni??? Bingka?? hahahaaa

    Oh.. Love ur t-shirt in the first pic.. 😛

  3. must be early 80’s … retro banar tu brada .. very nostalgic .. looks like u lots was the earliest burger sellers back then … he..he..

  4. heyy.. that man with the moustache.. i knew him and that lady yg pakai tudong and next to her (rambut korol depan) hehehe.. i knew 3 of them… ohh..btw i thanks to ur business project.. i borrow the file from the lady (rambut korok depan) n my school business is a SUCCESS~

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