The “WOW” Starts Now!

Congratulations to one of my key figures in ICT development in Brunei Darussalam on his well-deserved appointment.

I attended a launching ceremony of the Microsoft office in Brunei. HRH the Crown Prince was the guest of honour. During the ceremony, HRH was presented with a spiffy, mouth-watering Lamborghini notebook. I bet many in the audience, including your’s truly, wished they were at the receiving end at that particular moment.

There was also a demo on Windows Vista, Microsoft’s update to the aging Windows XP operating system. All I saw was the bells and whistles. I guess I’d need a deeper technical explanation of all its new features in order to convince me to upgrade. I just hope its not a Windows Millennium type of release… nuff sed.

Author: Reedz

8 thoughts on “The “WOW” Starts Now!

  1. lina: thats wasnt deliberate and now that you mention it, I like the effect too heheh!

    fadi: wow jua! heheh

    Check out more pics from the launching event here

  2. Good looking certainly but watch out the resources it requires and not forgetting the drivers thingy.

    But then again I will vouch for the Mac if looks are the X factors that you’re eyeing for …

  3. VN: woops thats a big boo boo! I’ll make sure to let them know about this oversight šŸ™‚

    rozi: wow! a macbook pro!! I want one too!!

    moglie: vista takes on many of the features which were found in mac OS for some time. whats new?

  4. moglie – OS X does more than look good. Trust me šŸ˜€

    Rozi, AnakBrunei – I’ve been using the MacBook Pro for sometime now. Best 4k I’ve ever spent in my life. Buy it! I believe QQ e-store has a better deal

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