Datsun Triple S

Almost everyone got the similarities between the two Bruneians in my previous post.

On the left is Sheikh Abas, a prominent businessman and intrepid explorer. He has been on several 4×4 expeditions to China, Malaysia, and even London. I can only imagine what it feels like to arrive in London having driven all the way from Brunei and be waving our national flag in my own four wheel drive on the streets of London 🙂

On the right is Norhayati Abu Bakar, a prominent Bruneian woman explorer, who is about to embark on an expedition covering the African continent as well as Europe and Asia. Previously she led a team of Bruneian women climbers in conquering the 5,895-metre Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak.

So what is it that these two adventurers have in common? A larger than life personality and an infectious zest for life and what it has to offer outside of the realms of the normal and ordinary. We need more of them…


Author: Reedz

4 thoughts on “Datsun Triple S

  1. fuyooo I would love to get my hands on that car, install some cool sound system and play Snoop Dogg’s Nuthin But a G-thang! Macam gansta tu hehe

  2. Gosh…it really reminds me! It was CNY that my old friend showed me the car he bought, before that, he keeps on reminding us not to laugh at him. The car is Datsun 120Y, it is old…very old maroon colour datsun which my friend believes he could turn it into a very sporty white car…hahaha…well..incase he does it…I will sent u the pic..the before and after pic.

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