An evening of meat and photography…

The Sharpshooters descended upon Sheraton Utama Hotel tonight for a feast of meat and photography. Present were the Sifu, Ber, Zadm, Shai, Ucingitam, and newbie Rena, and our two lovely models, Aniza and Xaralee who was accompanied by her S.O. Eleanor made a guest appearance and so did Bald.

What a night it was. Great food, excellent photoshoot, and a very interesting philosophical discussion to cap it off. Thank you all for joining in and making the evening an enjoyable one. Thanks especially to Aniza and Xaralee for being the subjects of our cameras’ attentions! Thanks also to George from Sheraton for organizing such a lovely setting for us to dine in. Can’t wait for the next one!

Author: Reedz