Corned Buff?

I read this bloke’s post on locally manufactured sauces and immediately decided to take the family down to the local product fair at Huaho Mall in Manggis to find it. Found the elusive Tahai Chili Sauce and I’m a happy camper. I think these sauces are bound for Japan looking at the Kanji script on the labels. Cool!

While browsing around, I came across “corned buff” being sold at one of the stalls. Yeah, corned buff, it stands for corned buffalo. Should’ve seen that one coming! Anyway, that reminded me of one of the associations that have been struck off the Registrar of Societies’ list, the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes.

I wonder who did the registration and how many members it had. Does anyone know anything about the history of the Brunei Lodge?


Author: Reedz

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