How old are you now?

Nina the Bartina turns five tomorrow… Tonight we had a little cake cutting ceremony for her in conjunction with her grandparents return from Umrah. Happy happy birthday my little pixie! I can’t believe you’re five already! And guess who else is five? Uncle Pablo’s son Funboy!! Happy Birthday Funboy!

Oh, thank you for choosing as this week’s featured Blog of the Week. Its an honour indeed πŸ™‚


Author: Reedz

5 thoughts on “How old are you now?

  1. Happyyy Birthdayyyyy NINAAAA!!! have the best birthday everrr!! May you have lots more beautiful birthdays to come!!

    Aunty Lobengs & Family!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Nina the Bartina… from RF & Family.

    Congratulation dude for being the 5th on the featured blog…

  3. i love birthdays! especially children’s. It will be jimboy’s next week! boy oh boy…

    happy birthday nina the bartina!

    From yaz and jimboy & family.

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