Do us a cone mate…

by Reedz on April 13, 2007

Earlier today, I attended the opening ceremony of Dream Cones, a new gelato cafe located smack bang in the middle of Q-Lap (same row as CAM). Free samples of gelato served in miniature cones were handed out and I helped myself to quite a few of the available flavors.

I started with the ferrero rocher, an absolute treat of chocolate and hazelnut. Then came the Nutella flavored gelato. Who doesn’t love nutella eh? Heheh!

To ease my conscience, I had a healthy green-tea gelato next. I found the green tea flavour slightly over-powering. They need to reduce the intensity.

Having eased my conscience, I then went for the tiramsu gelato. Yum yum. You can taste the coffee. Nice!

And finally I couldn’t leave without trying the teh-tarik flavoured gelato. It was sheer heaven in a cone!! Just the right intensity of tea flavour surrounded by a milky base-flavour.

Thanks S for inviting me!

Adam's Crib April 14, 2007 at 12:13 am

U r most welcome Anak Brunei! Thanks for being my knight in shinning armour, charging in with your trusty lens at just the right moment!
BTW, u look absolutely adorable tasting all those mini gelatos! haha…sinful I know, but it was worth it, isnt it?
& am pretty excited to wait for your artistic picture of the day as my gift for Dream Cones! Thanx again…

Reeda April 15, 2007 at 8:38 am

No worries S! Such good timing ah I arrived just when the ribbon was about to be cut! Heheh! Truly enjoyed the gelato! Nda dapat selalu eh! Heheh!

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