Attitude Equals Altitude…

This morning, BEDB hosted a teh tarik session called THINK BIG. It was basically an open session aimed at creating awareness for the BEDB SME Innovation Center which is scheduled to open its doors in August.

The forum was one with a difference in that it was very informal. Even the invitation card stated dress in whatever you’re comfortable in. I contemplated coming in my usual Friday morning Jing Chu attire, shorts and t-shirt but decided against it. Good call as I would’ve stood out like a sore-thumb!!

The turn-out was fantastic with many familiar faces including fellow bloggers Emma complete with bun, LSM aka Joshua heheh, Rezafaizal, the Geek in Pink and perhaps a few others I may not have spotted. Some new faces also and I’m assuming these are the bright sparks with tech ideas they want to take to the next level.

The morning got off to a good start with Stanley Han giving an account of his experiences as an incubatee in NUS’ incubation program. Very inspirational young man with great talent.

Rano gave an excellent talk about his 50 dollar startup business, I liked how the name rano adidas came about from a broken heart heheh! What a story that was!

Next the appointed managers for the i-Center, KR Consulting, gave a presentation on what the i-Center was about and how it would help our local bright young sparks develop their ideas into viable and sustainable businesses.

The panel discussion was awesome with lots of participation from the audience. Yours truly was part of the panel as well heheh. I had the opportunity to share with the audience my hopes and expectations for the I-Center.

Congratulations to Dato Timothy Ong and his team at BEDB on a well organized forum with a difference. I look forward to participating not only in more forums like these but also contributing to the SME ICT initiative as a whole in the near future.

More pics on Jan Shim’s Gallery.

Author: Reedz