Are You Ready?? (SMS Quiz Day 1)

Ok people! Here we go with the first ever SMS quiz game! Just to repeat, I will be posting ONE question per day from Monday to Thursday. You are free to answer as many times as you like all four questions from Monday to Thursday. The quiz will close at midnight on Thursday. The winners will be drawn on Friday and notified by SMS. I have SIX movie tickets to give away to THREE winners!


Where is Wasai Wong Kadir located in Brunei Darussalam:
(a) Belait
(b) Danau
(c) Temburong
(d) Labi

To answer just type the following:

mtrv[space]anakbrunei[space]1[space][your answer ie. either a b c or d]

For example, if your answer is (a), you would type: mtrv anakbrunei 1 a and send to 8885555* GOOD LUCK!!

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*All SMS to 8885555 are charged at B$0.50

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