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Night before last, Da missus and I ventured a little outside of our usual dinner haunts in search of some out of the way gems and find one we did. Zar Zar Cafe is located among a row of newly built shophouses at Simpang 173 along Jalan Mulaut on the way to KL (Kuala Lurah).

It was a pleasant surprise to find the area quite happening when we turned into the simpang. It was bustling with activity and the carpark was quite full. Anyways, the interior decor of the cafe is classic kopitiam style with a modern touch. You can see paraphernalia lying around from the fifites and sixties including an old radio and a bicycle. There was even a huge poster of Jesselton which reminded me of my dad’s hometown.

The owner, Zainal, is a splendidly charming retired police officer who is realizing his long time dream of setting up an eatery together with his wonderful missus. He talked to us about the challenges he faced while starting up his business and how his special honeyed beverages have become quite a hit among the regulars. So da missus ordered a honey lemon tea and I ordered honey coffee, a first for me. Zainal explained that the honey he used is all natural and contains some extra herbs which give it an extra kick.

Foodwise, the specialty at Zar Zar Cafe is the Satay Alloha and the tumpi. We decided to try both. The tumpi was nice and crispy on the outside and soft and doughy on the inside. It is accompanied by chicken or beef curry. Da missus and I liked the chicken better. It was a nice appetizer to start with.

Next was the Satay Alloha. It comes in two preparations, the usual charcoal grilled, and the other, less commonly served at restaurants, pan-fried variety. I personally loved the pan-fried satay. Another difference to the satay is that it is served in “sets” rather than the usual dollar value worth of satays. So you would order small medium or large depending on the size of your group and appetite. The satay itself is just right with a perfect blend of spices, none over-powering the other in the final flavour. The gravy was peanuty rich and thick, just the way I like it. Thumbs up from me.

For mains, both of us ordered the black pepper beef with rice. Interesting preparation jua on this dish. It looks like thin slices of roast beef with black pepper sauce over it. It was delicious and the beef was succulent without the tenderizer taste of typical chinese stir-fries.

Overall, the portions were generous and the prices very reasonable. It was an enjoyable and satisfying meal washed down with the special honeyed beverages, the effects of which I shall not get into in this particular post 😉

If you’d like to try a slightly different dining experience away from the mainstream, give Zar Zar a try. Contact Zainal on 8881575 for reservations.

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Author: Reedz

6 thoughts on “Zar Zar Cafe

  1. That looks inviting 🙂 …is this place across the Mulaut ugama school? I’d like to try me some of those yummy looking satay….

  2. thats right zerah, its across the road from the mulaut ugama school 🙂 Happy trying!

  3. sassy jua: I re-read the piece jua and didnt realize jua I did that jua! Cali jua banar ah? Terima kasih jua for pointing that out jua! Huehuehue jua!

  4. Mm…sori…bukan kan memburukkan bisnes orang tapi juz want to share la ah..aku dah pernah ke sana early of dis year 2009…masa tu baru sampai dari kuala lurah n tired, so malas kan nunggu lama, aku order nasi katok saja,take away….a bit terkajut dengan harganya $1.50 and have to wait lama…coz pelayan masatu ckp tunggu..

    So, malas kan nunggu d sana, jalan kajap ke kadai Jumanah, then balik dari sana after 20mins still lum siap..dalam fikiranku, special banar x nasi katok $1.50 ani…yg ku tau mostly harga nasi katok juz $1.00

    Setelah menunggu sekian lama, siap tah order ku..pelayan tu say sorry plang, she said nda ramai pekerja, so dalam fikiranku patuttah batah banar….masa tu ku buy utk famili tarus , lam 6 org…so, ku pay la $9…walau da rasa rugi, tapi terpaksa jua..nada g mampu kan singgah tempat lain…

    Sesampai di rumah, dalam keadaan lapar , gagas tah ne kan makan…n wat a big surprise….bukan kan memburukkan bisnes org ne ah….juz kan share experience ja ne…ayamnya…paha ayam yg kana bahagi 3…damit banar…nda sesuai dengan harganya..lapas tu nada g ada sambal…Ya Allah…sakit jiwa ku n famili mliat..mana indanya, dapat ditamu2 kan bah parts ayam yg kami perolehi atu… sumpah2 ada jua…jara..n nda sangka catu standard restoran tu…

    hope la dat restoran review balik harga menu n qualiti menu …..nda g ku kan mau ke sana tu…jara – jara……

    p.s: bisai plang suasana dalaman restoran tu…tapi part qualiti menu n servis..really not satisfied….hopefuli nda ku kana saman ne ah….aku beckp banar ne….

  5. ola..Im one of x-pkerja dsna,ok jua mknan dsna nyaman2..I noe the owner and familynya murah snyuman and nya urg nda ambung la.. Part nymu yg psl nasi katok atu na plg ku to ah,bnr tew ya pnya pkerja na bnyk nya urg kn sve budget bh mau jua untung bkan kn mbyr pkerja gnya..And bwa bnyk2 sbr deh jn kn to ngomplen gnya cuba kau yg mrasa jd waitress pastu urg ngomplen???

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