Miami… (SMS Quiz Wk 2 Day 2)

For some reason this pic reminds me of Miami Vice…

ANAKBRUNEI SMS QUIZ Week Two Day Two Question:

Which is the longest river in Brunei?
(a) Sungai Temburong
(b) Sungai Belait
(c) Sungai Tutong
(d) Sungai Brunei

To answer, just type:

mtrv[space]anakbrunei[space]2[space][your answer ie. either a b c or d]

For example, if your answer is (a), you would type: mtrv anakbrunei 2 a and send to 8885555* GOOD LUCK and dont forget to answer the previous question!!

Author: Reedz

2 thoughts on “Miami… (SMS Quiz Wk 2 Day 2)

  1. Miami Vice…that cool intro music and the rolled up sleeve style. That show was one of the favourite.

  2. Oh yeah! The ORIGINAL Miami Vice! That was one slick series… I still harbour dreams of owning an all white circa 1987 Benz 500SEL pimped like only a cuban druglord would want it! Heheheh!

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