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Miami… (SMS Quiz Wk 2 Day 2)

For some reason this pic reminds me of Miami Vice…

ANAKBRUNEI SMS QUIZ Week Two Day Two Question:

Which is the longest river in Brunei?
(a) Sungai Temburong
(b) Sungai Belait
(c) Sungai Tutong
(d) Sungai Brunei

To answer, just type:

mtrv[space]anakbrunei[space]2[space][your answer ie. either a b c or d]

For example, if your answer is (a), you would type: mtrv anakbrunei 2 a and send to 8885555* GOOD LUCK and dont forget to answer the previous question!!

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  • Zadm May 22, 2007, 1:50 am

    Miami Vice…that cool intro music and the rolled up sleeve style. That show was one of the favourite.

  • anakbrunei May 22, 2007, 10:48 am

    Oh yeah! The ORIGINAL Miami Vice! That was one slick series… I still harbour dreams of owning an all white circa 1987 Benz 500SEL pimped like only a cuban druglord would want it! Heheheh!

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