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The rear wing of the Merlin EH101 taken yesterday at Bridex 2007 at ICC. The military version of the EH101 is powered by either three Rolls-Royce Turbomeca RTM322 turboshafts (UK, Japan, Denmark and Portugal), or three 1,491 kW General Electric CT7-6 turboshafts (Italy, Canada, Japan TMP). Engine inlet particle separator systems provide protection when operating in sandy environments.

Each engine is supplied by a separate self-sealing fuel tank using dual booster pumps. Each tank holds 1,074 litres of fuel. A fourth tank acts as a reservoir supply, topping up the main tanks during flight. A fifth transfer tank can be added to increase range, as can airborne refuelling. The engines power an 18.59 metre diameter five bladed main rotor. The rotor blades are constructed from carbon/glass with nomex honeycomb and rohacell foam, edged with titanium alloy. Computer control of the engines allows the EH101 to hover reliably in winds of over 80 km/h.

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