Irama Kitani… (SMS Quiz Grand Prize Winner)

I absolutely love our Bruneian traditional songs especially when performed by really good musicians like these gentlemen in RED. I found myself tapping my feet and humming along to their renditions of alus jua dindang, sungai berunai, and kampung ayer. Man I wish I could play like these boys…

Which brings me to the winner of the SMS Quiz grand prize, who comes from a family of musicians similar to the lads in RED. Congratulations to Md Abdillah Hj Awg Damit on being drawn as the winner of the MP3 player! I’ll be in touch with you shortly with details on the prize-giving ceremony. Congratulations mate!

To all who participated in the SMS quiz, thank you so much for your support! And there will be more chances to win in the next round which I’m hoping to start in the new month 🙂

Thank you also to the sponsors of the SMS Quiz, Badin and Ropin of MVision Cinemas and Mach Telecommunications Systems. Terima kasih banyak2!

Author: Reedz