Seria Kway Teow is a relatively new [edit: compared to Jing Chew hehe] institution in BSB which, as its name suggests, originated from my hometown, Seria.

I think the original stall in pasar malam Seria is no longer there as the pasar malam has been relocated to the new food court at the old seria market site. I have not visited that food court and so do not know if the kway teow stall has moved there as well. The one in BSB, for those who don’t know, is located opposite Jing Chew.

Jolly good place to enjoy a breakfast of old school fried kway teow with beef and bull’s eye on top washed down with a glass of milk tea 🙂


Author: Reedz

4 thoughts on “See.Lee.Ya.Kway.Teow

  1. Yang opposite JingChew sudah lama di sana. Its the guy with the six fingers yang goreng… bininya Thai. Yummmm… missing the Kuay Teow there. Esp the Siham Kuay Teow… *drool**drool*

  2. wah I never knew they served siham kwayteow! Must try eh! Tau lagi tu six-fingered guy with a thai wife heheh sounds very POTC (Pirates of the Carribean)!

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