Le Meurice Afternoon Tea at The Empire

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Hope the pics will be useful, inda lagi ku pandai mengambil fancy2 shots. The best I could do…hehe!

My plate had slices of lemon cake and carrot cake (under it) which were absolutely divine! The brown eclair was called Chocolate Caroline (yummy!), green cake was Green Tea Financier (really really good!) and the last was a Strawbberry Tart. There were also scones with apple bits made by the Le Meurice pastry chefs served with cream, strawberry jam and blueberry jam, and finger sandwiches with different fillings – smoked salmon, cheese and chicken. Kanyang eh – macam dinner bah!

For drinks L had the Meurice signature regular hot chocolate (really thick stuff which needs to be thinned with milk). Other hot choc flavours available were orange and cinnamon. I had the African Autumn tea which was caffeine free and had a fruity flavour.

All in all, really good value for $19.50 to try authentic French pastries – at Le Meurice itself this would cost more than 20 Euros per person. FYI a New Year’s Eve Menu starts at 350 Euros per person!!! Really eyewatering!


Author: Reedz