Crystal Duck Anyone?

Kamayan is an interesting word in Tagalog. It can mean eat with hands, but it also means having fun as its more literal meaning is shaking hands or getting acquainted. I’m not sure if the current owners knew this before they took over Seri Kamayan Restaurant all those years ago. The Gadong branch was one of my favorite haunts pre-1997 and I suspect it was a favorite of many others as the place seemed to be always packed whenever I went.

I hadn’t been to Seri Kamayan in years and last night da missus and I were invited to dinner at their remaining branch at Utama Bowling. The restaurant overlooks the bowling alley which means you can watch the bowlers in action while you eat 🙂 The food we ordered was based on the recommendation of the staff and it did not disappoint! It was a bonza meal enjoyed in great company. What more could one ask for? Read the full review of the meal here.

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Author: Reedz

2 thoughts on “Crystal Duck Anyone?

  1. Where’s the link to read more? Hehe I wanna see other pics u took…muahaha

    Btw, I got the full story on the taking away and keys and locking you all in the room story..muahaha

  2. Pandachu heheh just inserted the link to the full review! Ya lor lock the door some more dun wan to let people go home! Some people ah! 😛

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