Flip-it Sunday @ JC

Today’s JC session welcomed the arrival of our flip-it jumbos, a cool flash accessory which as can be seen from the pics above, makes a big difference in the way photos will turn out using the speedlight. I think it diffuses light more efficiently than the Lightsphere, but then thats just me. The morning was spent playing with the new toy… Nice…. very nice… Tks hjzul for organizing the group buy!

Oh, and I met a friend of Jan’s, Colin Quek, who walked up and introduced himself. Nice to meet you dude, and I’m sure I’ll run into you at the office! I like your pics btw! Heheh!

Author: Reedz

3 thoughts on “Flip-it Sunday @ JC

  1. Hi Reeda, was quite a coincidence to have bump into you. How’s the flip-it coming along?

    Love your blog’s content. And the choice of url. πŸ˜€

    Catcha in the office soon.

    Colin Q

  2. Hey there Colin! Yeah, its like a “positive tap” that we happen to meet. Was it Jon’s cousin with you? I recognize him from the recent triple 7 wedding pics πŸ™‚ Tks for dropping by dude! Do come back πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Reeda, thanx for sharing the flip-it…
    I ordered it last week and arrived yesterday.. but can only get my hands on it Monday…public holiday yo weekend ani.. anyway thanx again for sharing the new toy heh.. can’t wait to test it yo..

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