Sumbangsih Mulia Visited

Through a series of circumstances, I found myself visiting the Sumbangsih Mulia SME center yesterday, partly to collect my prize for the MOKAM quiz, and partly to satisfy my own curiosity about the center. The building is situated on an open lot of land between ROBCO and Premier Motors (the Ford dealership) in Beribi Auto City. It looks like an oversized house with no rooms, just open space inside. Behind it is what looks like a super-sized garage.

The ground floor of the air-conditioned interior houses over 20 small stalls offering anything from small trinkets to woven handicrafts, to traditional textiles, to local cakes and biscuits, while the upper floor had around 4 or 5 mini shops/cubicles which offered mostly traditional woven cloth and dressmaking services.

The super-sized garage is actually where the food-stalls are located. I think there were over 40 stalls offering all kinds of food from soto to satay to nasi biryani. There was no fish and chip stall which kinda reminded me of what I said in this post. I did not have time to try out the food there but will surely return to try it out soon. For those who have not visited the center, why not drop by and check out the goodies on sale and sample the food while you’re there?

Thanks once again to HKH and MOKAM for the lovely gift. Little Nina really enjoyed the prawn puffs!

Author: Reedz

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  1. hey glad lil’ nina enjoyed tht PRAWN PUFF hehe. yeah u shud try the food stalls outside, esply the Nasi Briyani~ Yum2 haha $2 saja!;) hehe c ya around.

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