Projectunes: Unplugged

Following my earlier post, I finally got to interview the folks behind one of Brunei’s most progressive and creative music production outfits, Projectunes early this week. Formed by Adi Rani and Diana a few years ago, Projectunes now produces a number of extremely talented young artists, Azeem, NJ (who sadly was out of town on that day), Feez Madea, and of course, Adi Rani, and Diana.

The first thing that came to mind when they turned up for the interview was, “Gee, what a nice bunch of kids.” But beyond the chummy exterior was a group of seriously talented and committed young individuals who have a burning desire to stand up and be recognized by the world! And when you listen to the g-funk stylings of Azeem’s “Just Believe” and “Home”, and the pop musings of Adi Rani’s “Bila Berdua” and “Satu”, and the masterful “mixtering” behind NJ’s “Bliss”, you somehow know… these kids are gonna make it fo’sho… the only question is WHEN? Don’t believe me? Take a listen to their stuff here and here and tell me otherwise!

We talked candidly about how there’s so much talent in Brunei that gets wasted because its virtually impossible to make a living as an artiste in Brunei. How local talent get short-changed compared to their counterparts from abroad who are brought in to perform at public and private events for ten or more times the amount that locals are being paid. How there’s a strong need for unity among local musicians and artists to come together and help grow the fledgling music industry. How the two little turtles who live with them need a bigger aquarium cos they keep climbing out of the present one!

Terima kasih Adi (and Jill), Diana, Azeem, and Feez for hangin out and chatting with me. Lets do it again some time! In the mean time, keep up the good fight and stay true to your vision! Stay tuned for the comic version of this interview! Cool bananas…

Author: Reedz

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  1. Projectunez rockz! Theyve changed the music industry in Brunei. More power to Adi and Dingz and the rest of the crew ~ Peace Out!

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