What’s a shma?

Syarikat Haji Metali dan Anak2 had been around for a long time and is a well known institution in Brunei, especially for their cendol. Even His Majesty himself tried the delighful sweet green dessert when he visited SHMA in Serusop during one of his visits around the area some time ago.

For me however, SHMA will always be the place where I go for a serve of Nasi Goreng Beef Steak, a delicious combination of fried rice with slices of beautifully tender beef with a dark, tangy, savoury sauce.

Yesterday, SHMA marked another milestone by opening a branch in the busy Gadong area, adjacent to Super Kleen and a couple of doors down from that other institution, CAM or CA Mohamed. The place is cosy with simple, clean decor. I liked that they had separate areas for smokers and non-smokers.

Just the kind of place to drop in for a quick teh tarik or cendol, or perhaps a nasi goreng beefsteak (didn’t spot it on the menu though)? Certainly an alternative to CAM after some f’oo was smoking away at the next table to mine the other day.

Author: Reedz