7 thoughts on “Smarter Talent Show 2007

  1. Baru ye…express and indeed very good job quality…juz meet you an hour ago, once i arrived home it’s already in.

  2. Pray for our special children, they are also our future generation and they have right to live in this challenging world…

  3. Smartermum: You are the one who should be given the credits as well for giving your kids a chance in this challenging world. It is not easy and my heart goes out to all SMARTER parents out there! Also not forgetting to the therapists and teachers at the centre.

    Looking forward to the next event, the conference in Sept.

  4. Semuanya adalah anugerah dari yang Maha Isa, we love our children very much no matter how hard it is to handle them and it makes us a better person who can face the challenge.

    Next event will be the conference in sept, hope to see more public supports and you will see the reality of having autistic children.

    Thanks to everyone who understand us especially to the blog’s owner who are very supporting and have time to spend. may Allah bless you all.

  5. In fact Anak Brunei and family not only spent time but also effort and money to support SMARTER! Cant thank them enough…sometimes…friends are more supportive than own families…

  6. smartermum: thank you for your kind words. I agree with Jeeds 100%. Hats off to you for being there for your kids 24/7 🙂 I will be sure to cover the September event. Insyallah.

    saralisa: thank you and it has been our pleasure to help in any way we can.

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