(Not so) Early morning at the Mall

Finally used the breakfast voucher from Rizqun International which I won from Tina two weeks ago. I was greeted (without any greeting) by a bored, expressionless service staff who just took my voucher and told me to sit. The spread was pretty typical for hotel breakfast buffets. I thought the nasi lemak was pretty good, especially the rendang chicken. I topped it off with a glass of orange juice and a tub of healthy yoghurt.

As I exited the Rizqun Coffeehouse, the atrium of the mall was buzzing with people setting up for the second day of Baiduri Expo 2007. Quite a number of Baiduri booths offering everything from financial planning services, retail loans, credit cards and much more. And it looks like they have lots of fun activities planned for the next few days! More about the expo at the gangsta’s site.

There were booths selling tech gear which is always the first thing that comes up on my radar. Everything from plasma TVs to the latest home theatre systems were on offer. Good prices too! I was in a rush this morning but I will pop in again later today or tomorrow to have a closer look.

Author: Reedz