Sapphira Cake House

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Went walkabout yesterday at Kiulap while waiting for my students to turn up. Came across Sapphira Cake House which I’d been meaning to visit since it opened two weeks ago. The trays were empty when I got there, which means sales must be brisk. The lovely young lady at the counter informed me that a new batch of kueh would be ready in about an hour. She took me on a tour of the shop, and introduced me to Mdm Sapphira herself, who happens to be Mdm Tiff’s sister, which means they’re related to the Don Diegos. Small world.

I loved the classic decor and ambience of the place, esp the funky looking office, with its black and red color scheme. I had to rush off as it was time for class, and when I returned 2 hours later, I was too late, cos the trays were empty again! I shall return again hopefully when the trays are full. Thanks to Suzie and her mum for showing me around. See ya soon!

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