The 2007 Brunei Open Kicks Off (or is it Tees Off?)

I never really did understand the thrill in whacking a small ball some distance with a club and going after it to whack it some more, and finally getting it into a hole in the middle of nowhere. I still don’t get the game of golf, but I’m a tiny minority among the millions if not billions of golfers and golfing-fans out there.

Anyway, if I did in fact take up the game, I don’t think I’d be anywhere near winning the really handsome prize of US$300,000.00 for the Brunei Open which starts today. I don’t really know much about golf and who the big contenders are, but here’s wishing them all the best in the tournament and may the best whacker get the most balls in the holes with the least possible number of whacks!

Author: Reedz