Free Paintball!

Update Sep 17th: I have been getting several comments to this post which may be misconstrued as being negative. Paintball enthusiasts, lets not finger-point and instead channel our energies to using facts and figures to lobby for the authorities to recognize paintball as a legitimate sport in Brunei Darussalam. For example, a golf club and golf ball is more deadly than a paintball marker and paintball. A paintball can’t break the window of a car while a golf ball flying out of RBA golf course onto the highway can be well deadly! Innit?

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24 thoughts on “Free Paintball!

  1. If we’ve proper regulation then it’s OK. Until then there are tendencies of misuses. No disrespect to operators who I think have done a good job maintaining the safety standard. Maybe it’s just a matter of legalisation.

  2. wah love the free paintball bits. it’s time we get paintball on the road, I can’t wait to play some day against malaysian teams or ASEAN teams in an international tournament

    Maju Paintball SUkan untuk Brunei !!

  3. Wow! Those words were powerful man…Free the Sport, Free the Spirit! Always remember those words from here.

    I find it ridiculous how such a small thing like paintball can be so hard to be approved. For crying out loud its approved everywhere else.

    Go Paintball Brunei!
    However, as long as the spirit believes – we shall prevail!

  4. yeah really powerful words, FREE PAINTBALL NOW !! maybe the police do not want us to play paintball so that we all do dumb things like do drugs, steal and have gangfights and keep them in a job ?!

    paintball is happeming around the world and still in brunei.. no one can stop it..,,


  5. FREE THE SPIRIT, FREE THE SPORT???? I don think “many people” knows the meaning of that. Thats why so many youngster do drugs, stealing, lepak here and there. Paintball is about team building, safety, planning new strategy, communication and most of all, stress relieve. Then why is archery set up in Brunei??? Isnt that a weapon?

  6. Man…I dun understand why they are trying to stop paintball. If they wanted they might as well stop us from watching paintball (platun) on Malaysia channel.

    I go envious when other countries are ahead of us playing paintball. Hopefully, one day maybe i can join in and give it a try on Brunei soil

  7. Agree with Moglie. Its not a registered sport yet. I think the charges more towards collecting money without permit or something like that and importing without permit. Nothing to do with paintball at all.

  8. i heard a royalty wanted to set up paintball in empire.. hmmm. politics at work? any link to the so-called complaint that the CID mentioned??

    They raided when we were having tournament (my team was 2nd place at that point ;p ), took the markers, paintballs and a few other items.. except the gas cannisters.. they said it was a technical investigation. my dick goes thru more technical investigations than this. maybe one of them has a cannister lying around in his house so that they can use..

    the paintballs not even stored in cool and dry place…? there goes our money.. no refund.

    players, marshalls and then the organisers get called for interview. standard questions.. they have no clue what i asked them. some don’t even how to spell certain common words in malay.. some of them even played paintball before.

    klau ku ada camcorder during the raid, dpt ku set-up a website titled the bloops and blunders of the brunei CID. cali tu. anyway, i got a tape recording of the interview. all i can say is real f***** up.

    a s’porean CID advisor on scene during the raid was overheard saying that he expected a factory for real guns and not this.

    i shudder to think what sort of retards are guarding our country.

  9. by the way, i heard that some people at the very top have their kids playin paintball.. their markers goin to be taken away too??

  10. wow..i’m amazed with the laws in brunei quick to react upon ones request..with so much power, i will have u kneeled hahaha..

    yes panglima merah..i heard da anak “org Basar2” or “org BeUSin” kitani adaaaa main paintball ani..i heard lah saja but without a doubt atu..mesti lah ada..sorry bending english..

    Thinking we are still far behind so to say at the “kunu” phase, what can we do..we ourselves are improvised but the laws prevents us from being more UP UP..if ya ol noe wat i’m sayn’ heck we just wait till ol of em’ dead lah..we just wait for the new generation to come up on stage n conquer the parliament..hmm is dat too much kah toh?? its about time our youths to be in charge.

  11. wat’s wrong with paintball anyway? Some ppl say that bruneian might misuse n modified n melaha the pb guns to shoot deadly projectiles while bruneian doesnt even have a clue what a paintball marker they work..etc2.
    My friend said..”Well u noe, Bruneian..they’ll find a way to modified it..even i can find a way to modified it..” then i ask…”u know what is a ram, what is a bolt? u know that the barrel caliber wont fit ball bearings?” then he asked me..”what’s a caliber?” lol..HAHAHAHAHA!!!
    See….bruneian(not all) are so kuno…they shud be exposed to all this kind of stuffs. Bsides normal brunei wont really b able to buy a paintball marker since it’s expensive..more expensive than golf (i
    See..there’s nothing wrong about paintball…bruneian wont b able to modified it to shoot ball bearing..not even in 20years when brunei might be having LRTs, subways..they wont b able to modified it! lol

  12. anyways…chatah brunei ikut mcm rules d uk where a paintball marker is classified legally as toys…eventho classified as toys..nada pun org kana timbak pakai ball bearing or org kana timbak pasal misuse…n they already have this sport legalise for decades….from what i heard..if brunei doesnt have a law for anything it’ll basically follows the UK legislation rite? ngam kah? enlighten me if anyone of u yg study law. (Sorry if pakai malay)

  13. hi all, nice to see you here. AnakBrunei, i just love that flag pic, pretty powerful. Paintball support continues, i think it is a matter of educating the public again on paintball.

    Thanks to the madpaintball annual events in UK (since 1999) that i’ve organised and my comrades in australia (brisbane to be precise) who have organised regular paintball events amongst bruneians students there, there are so many people in brunei who have played paintball.

    I think this whole thing is a test, the ultimate test on whether We deserve to have paintball or not…

    Give us your paintball,
    let us breathe free,
    let this heart beat alive for just this sunday,
    and the next sunday,
    let this life live a different life every sunday,

    let me and my fellow compadres rip thru and fly thru the paintball fields,
    in the midst of hundreds,
    if not thousands of paintballs,
    zipping thru the air,
    like locusts swarms of biblical proportions,
    give us the courage to find ourselves,
    give us the speed & agility that our ageing muscles had a distant memory of.
    just for this paintball sunday,

    We ask not for a palace or a road paved with gold,
    We ask not for more,
    but just give us our paintball sundays..

  14. Wow Dr Doom, powerful words… I truly hope the right people from the right places are watching this and can relate to it. Its like taking away one’s golf clubs and balls and saying, we’ll have to think about whether your sport is legal or not.

    Anyway, I must say credit for the poster goes to a photog friend of mine. I merely posted it here to help propagate the message ๐Ÿ™‚ Lets all hope for the best…

  15. ta, i ought to try to meet you today isn’t it.. hee hee.. anyway, i decided to edit it… and posted it here and there.. so am going to leave my mark here again..

    Give us our paintball
    let us breathe free,
    let this heart beat alive for just this sunday,
    and the next sunday,
    and the next sunday after,

    let this life live a different life just this sunday,
    and the next sunday,
    and the next sunday after,

    let me and my fellow compadres rip thru and fly thru the paintball fields,
    all colours bright,
    red, yellow, blue and black,
    in the midst of hundreds,
    if not thousands of paintballs,
    zipping thick thru the air,
    like locusts swarms of biblical proportions,

    give us the courage to find ourselves,
    give us the speed & agility,
    our ageing muscles had a distant memory of,
    to evade from being painted,
    so that we may live a win,
    no matter how brief,
    the taste so sweet,
    we still remember the last victory,
    a taste so yearned,
    previous losses mean nothing,
    taste nothing,
    compared to,
    ….just for this paintball sunday,

    We ask not for a medal or a road paved with gold,
    We ask not for more,
    but just give us our paintball sundays..

  16. hey all,

    sorry abt my previous posts.. been feelin all these while that what they did was not fair.. yeah dr doom & ta. u guys’r right. let’s not be negative.

    let’s pray for a better sunday as was in yesterdays.

    c u guys everwhere..

  17. Pls giv back us paintball games again. I miss all the markers staring at me. Y can we and the authority sit down n talk bout it instead making our Manggis ppl turn round and round for answer and “NO” direction. Pls show them what to do to make paintball in brunei legal again.

    Eat Paintball, Sleep Paintball, Think Paintball, Shoot Paintball.

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  19. i didnt heard about ppl die playin paintball before, so why is it illegal? if its about firearm law than it is far from a reason cuz paintball is a sport GAME, not a tool of killing, murder, war, etc.. btw i m new on this

  20. nda dpt tu …. jgn th di lawan undang2 yang telah di tetapkan oleh pihak yang berkuasa. Mcm masang rim sukan rah kereta bah nda jua mengacau org tu sama jua nda bulih mun nda masuk dlm spec mantuka, mun udah nda dpt atu nda th jua tu kan sudah termaktub dlm undang2 kitani…. miana jua.

    Lots of permaianan anak-anak brunei yg legal tapi nda di praktikan lagi….. "mereka bermain ancau-ancau laut, bula balidar, pipit ucing, datuk harimau, tapuk-tapukan…. sebarkan lah ke santero dunia~ ๐Ÿ™‚ hehehe have a good day.. cheers

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