Don’t Wear Tight Shoes

Without properly fitting shoes or boots, your feet will encounter many problems that can initiate many others. If your footwear is too loose, your feet will slide around, creating friction. If your footwear is too tight in certain areas, your feet will experience excessive pressure. Wearing too loose or tight footwear will change the biomechanics of your foot strike, which in turn will affect your gait and throw off your whole stride and balance.

This will stress your tendons and ligaments. When your feet and toes are pinched in too-tight shoes with socks that make the fit even tighter, the blood circulation is reduced. To top it all off, you will endure aches and /or pain, and will be more tired from dealing with all of the above. More info here.

Finally found a place which sells shoes that fit me properly. The Bata shoe store, which brings in New Balance range of shoes, has finally brought in a limited range of 4E wide fit shoes. If, like many others, including me, you have wide feet and have been suffering with the tight fitting 2E or even 3E width shoes available here, I would thoroughly recommend you go on down to your nearest Bata Shoe Store and try on a pair of 4E’s. It’s “liberating” to say the least!


A new pair of New Balance 4E width 906 All-Terrain X-Training Shoes.
The shiznit!


Me trusty old pair of New Balance 4E width shoes which I had to order in from the US. Now, thankfully, I can buy them locally! Hats off to the folks at Bata Shoe Store!


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