Day one with the iPhone…

Collected my review unit of the iPhone yesterday from QQestore. These babies are selling like Krispy Kreme Donuts right now. This shipment is completely SOLD OUT. I was told some customers who had ordered E90 Communicators, immediately changed their minds when they saw the iPhone heheh. Love at first bite? Perhaps… Let’s find out why…




and if you turn it to its side…


it automatically switches to horizontal view! Its the shiznit!

Wanna get one for yourself? Click here NOW! Stay tuned for more!

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Author: Reedz

8 thoughts on “Day one with the iPhone…

  1. Response from QQ after I raised Zul’s concerns:

    Yes we support if anything faulty will send back to US as only apple support there globally. Price after shipment + import tax n few layers of suppliers markup no choice. We dare not order US$399.00 direct as some claimed not able to do so. At least the one we bring in confirm unlocked! Expect a price drop next shipment.

  2. A fren managed to order it thru VPost Singapore and shipped it to brunei.. Did the “FREE” hack and youre done. This QQEstore version is a total overpriced scam.. sorry I rather wait for the 3G version apple!

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