Playing with the iPhone

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Initially, I felt the keypad was a major setback especially for my 4E thumbs but after a day, it feels rock solid! Like the guy says in this clip, you have to trust the keyboard and you will type faster and faster. He was right! After a while, typing does become easier as you let go of the need for tactile feedback and trust the technology instead…


The calendar application syncs with either your mac calendar or outlook calendar. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sync with your google calendar which I find myself using more and more these days šŸ™‚


Email has never been easier! With presets for google, yahoo, or msn mail where all you need to do is enter your username and password and you’re flying!


The iPod function is as expected, stellar. With iTunes’ importing and searching tools, you can set it up as your own portable jukebox in no time. You’ll have to use the supplied uber minimalist wired headphones to enjoy the rich sounds as the built-in speakers don’t quite give as much audible pleasure as the Nokia 6233’s stereo speaker set-up.


Maps is a heck of an app which used google maps to display where you are, and the route to where you’d like to go. Unfortunately, it doesnt work for any maps in Brunei šŸ™


Author: Reedz

8 thoughts on “Playing with the iPhone

  1. iPhone 3G coming soon next year.Sayang jua kalau di bali šŸ˜› What if people who got a big fingers? It’s hard to text a message..adios

  2. 3G iphone coming next year? Cool! But industry pundits say 4G technology may be ready as early as 2008-2010. Might as well wait for that heheh!

    As for the keyboard, thats what I thought initially jua… but the more I type the more accurate it gets somehow… pandai recognize your typing patterns… canggih toh… heheh

  3. A’kum bro. Wicked choice, I’m planning to get mine soon, hopefully before raya. One question though, can the spelling correction be disabled? Tau tah sudah, tani ani texting selalunya ‘bi-lingual’

  4. That was started by Scott Bourne from, including a 16GB iphone. Whatever iphone comes next, it depends on whether our telcos have the technology.

    Regarding big fingers,what I’ve heard is that ppl type faster on it than on their treos. Guess my treo is retiring soon

  5. Hey again,i’m a bit confused because some website tell that iPhone 3G will be launched September 2007 and some website tell that iPhone 3G will be launched next year.Damn,i’m confused :S Sorry everyone.Anyway,selamat berpuasa šŸ˜€

  6. unfortunately the spelling correction can’t be switched off but after a while, it picks up on which words you use the most.. my iPhone pandai cakap melayu sudah, it knows that i mean “awu” and not “awe” hehe

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