Apple iPhone random musings


If you have a lousy sense of direction like me, the maps application on the iphone is a real boon! Fortunately, I pretty much know my way around Brunei so I don’t really need it because sadly, maps are not available for Brunei. But I tried out Singapore and Perth and I tell ya, I wish I had one of these babies when I was in Perth! Wouldn’t have had to lug around the rather thick Street Directory every where I went. I literally had one in my backpack all the time!


The notepad.. aaahhh so elegant in that familiar yellow with feint lines. The keypad working at its best, learning your typing patterns and correcting your typos on the fly. Superb application of cutting edge technology.


This number pad is almost as HUGE as the Casio solar powered calculators we see everywhere! I wonder when someone will come up with a hack which provides an SMS interface with the numeric keypad and T9 or multi-tap, just for the heck of it! Heheh!



Author: Reedz