Chinese Opera Rocks!

The chinese opera has been in town for more than a week now but I finally got there tonight.
Check out the pics from fellow photogs here, here, and here.





Author: Reedz

7 thoughts on “Chinese Opera Rocks!

  1. ahh! i love to watch the opera show!!!
    every year i would drag my mom to watch with me hahaha but i’ve been busy doing revision lately and so i havent watch any show yet (i went temple earlier last night and the actors and actresses were still putting on their make up).
    hopefully i can watch it before they leave Brunei.

    – Hunnie

  2. Oh you mean they’re not Bruneian? No wonder they were very proficient in their backflips and such. I haven’t known any curriculum at local schools that encourage general backflipping tomfoolery.

  3. Yeap, they are not Bruneians.
    The Brunei Chinese Temple Association hired the troupe from Xia Men, China.
    Decades ago, it was locals who performed on stage but maybe because not many people are willing to learn this and soon the local performers retired. Therefore they have no choice but to hire the troupe from abroad.

    – Hunnie

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